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5 Things You Should Know Before Getting Your Car Detailed

Your automobile is one of your most cherished things, as we already know. Despite the harshness of the road it travels on every day, you take care of it, clean it frequently, and make sure to keep it in pristine shape.

It is an easy guess to say that, as a car owner, your go-to solutions for all the Greencastle, PA dust, debris, grime, and even scratch and swirl buildup are auto detailing, paint correction, and protection services. But what about when it comes time to get professional car detailing? Do you know what to expect? Do you know what to do beforehand?

Worry no more! Because in this article, we are going to lay it all out for you. Buckle up and stay tuned!

Here are five things you should know before getting your car detailed:

#1. Know What Services Are Right for Your Car!

The first thing you should do before getting your car detailed is to know what services are available and which ones are best for your car.

There are a lot of auto detailing services that you can avail of, but not all of them may be necessary or even ideal for your car. For example, if you have a ceramic coating, then you might not need to get a paint protection service.

The best way to know which services are right for your car is to consult with a professional detailer or visit a car detailing Greencastle, PA, service. They will be able to assess your car and recommend the best services for it.

Here are some of the most common detailing packages that studios can offer:

#1. Basic car wash

Not really the detailing service your car needs, but most detailers can offer just a basic washing process.

#2. Basic car wash plus vacuum

This is a more comprehensive service that already includes vacuuming the car’s interior.

#3. Full exterior detailing

External automotive detailing is more than simply a simple wash of a car’s exterior features. A good auto detailer will polish the car, remove surface imperfections, and always apply a protective paint finish.

The following are examples of common external processes:

Wash and dry: Detailing, in contrast to a car wash, is done manually. The very first step is to wash the car with a high-powered specialist spray, accompanied by a comprehensive hand wash of the wheels, door frames, car windows, glass, and all external components that require cleansing. This also involves detergents and certain chemicals such as a glass cleaner.

Claying: A clay strip is often utilized to remove pollutants, residues of overspray, as well as other debris that standard detergents cannot eliminate.

Polishing: It is common for a car’s gloss or shine to fade after a while of use. As a result, the pristine polish is recovered during this process.

Sealing: A sealer is put on the body to give it a glossy finish, and in rare situations, wax is utilized. This is where you can also opt for a ceramic coating and paint protection film for their extra perks.

#4. Interior detailing

As with external detailing, the objective of internal detailing is to bring back the automobile’s original look by cleaning all its components. The main difference is that all the procedures are performed inside the car instead of outside.


The following are examples of common internal processes:

Upholstery and carpet shampooing: The first step is to eliminate all the dirt, dust, and stains from the upholstery and carpets. This is usually done with a steam cleaner or a specialized shampooer.

Leather seat conditioning: Leather car seats are common in many high-end cars. To keep them looking new and to prevent cracking, they need to be conditioned regularly.

Dashboard and console cleaning: The control panel, as well as other plastic parts of the interior, are cleaned with mild detergent to remove any grime or residue.

Glass cleaning: Special attention is given to the windshield and windows to make sure that the driver has a clear view while driving.

Odor removal: If there are any unpleasant smells inside the car, an odor eliminator is used to get rid of them.

#2. Be Aware Of The Benefits You Are Expected To Experience!

It is critical to take your vehicle to a car wash. It is, nevertheless, recommended that you should be getting your car detailed on a regular basis. A clear coat is always applied over the paint job on a new car. Because of exposure to sunlight, that coat diminishes with time. Without such a coat, the car appears to be quite ancient and unappealing.

Auto detailing has advantages both for the car and the driver. Let us begin with the advantages:

  • Extend the longevity of your car: A detailed car is a well-protected vehicle. All the dirt is removed, and a fresh coat is always applied to keep the car new for a longer time.
  • Achieve a higher resale value: It has been observed that regularly detailed cars have a higher resale value as compared to those that are not detailed often.
  • Maintain the pristine physical condition: A car detailing process not only makes your car look fabulous but also keeps it in excellent physical condition.
  • Allows your engine to run smoothly: A clean car is a healthy car. All the dirt and gunk are removed from the engine, and it can, therefore, function smoothly.
  • Improves your gas mileage: When the engine of your vehicle is running smoothly, you will use less gasoline.

#3. Don’t forget to do some preparation!

Your car will not look its best if you forget to prep the exterior and interior before starting the full car detail process. You should, therefore, take care of the following:


  • Empty your interior from your personal stuff: You should clear the interior of your car before starting to work on it. This includes removing all your personal belongings.

#4. Set an appointment with your detailer beforehand!

Auto detailing is a time-consuming process, and it is, therefore, advisable to make an appointment with your detailer beforehand. This will ensure that they have enough time to work on your car without having to hurry through the process.

A good detailer will always take their time to do a thorough detailing job. They will also give you a free estimate and a detailed one of the time required to complete the job.

It is also a good idea to ask for before and after photos so that you can see the results for yourself!

#5. Pick the right products for your car!

There are a wide variety of car detailing supplies available for detailing your car. You should, therefore, pick the right ones for your car to get the best results.

The most important thing is to use high-quality products that are designed specifically for cars. This will ensure that your car is not damaged in the process.

You should also make sure that your detailers use superior tools for the job. This includes a good vacuum cleaner, as well as brushes and other tools specifically designed for cleaning cars.

Finally, make sure that they use enough of each product to get the desired results. Using too little will not give you the desired effect, and using too much can damage your car.

Final Verdict

Car detailing is a process that should be carried out regularly to maintain the pristine condition of your car. It brings advantages to the table that will change things for your car on the road.

However, it is important to remember that this is not a DIY job. You should always entrust your car to professional car detailers or an auto detailing business who has the experience and knowledge to carry out the job perfectly.

In addition, you should make sure that they use high-quality products and tools specifically designed for cars. This will ensure that your car is not damaged in the process.

Following these simple tips before getting your car detailed, you can be sure that your car will get you through the ride with flying colors! Visit us today!

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