Interior Services

$250 – $450

Truck $250-$325;
Car/Sm SUV $275-$350;
Lg SUV $375-$450

(3-6 Hours)


Our Interior Service includes:

  • Interior & trunk (if applicable) is thoroughly vacuumed & steamed
  • Vinyl & leather are cleaned & conditioned preventing cracking
  • Windows, mirrors, & gauges are cleaned
  • Door jambs & panels are cleaned
  • Stain removal using a professional grade fabric cleaner
  • Steam treatment using Optima industrial steamer of all fabric & carpet
  • Spot clean headliner (complete headliner will be charged extra & assessed upon inspection)
  • Save 10% when combined with an Exterior Service

Additional Notes:

  • Excessively dirty interiors or those with pet hair will be charged extra and known upon inspection of vehicles
  • Please remove all personal belongings or items that you do not want cleaned before your interior detailing
  • We care about safety & car seats can be removed but will not be re-secured due to liability concerns. They will be placed on side or upside down. They also can receive a steam cleaning upon request at no additional cost but no chemicals will be used.

Exterior Services

Wash & Seal
$150 – $225

Car/Sm SUV $150-$200;
Truck/Lg SUV $175-$225

(2-3 Hours)

This service is for vehicles in which the paint is in good shape and needs no paint enhancement or correction:

  • Wash using deionized water (no water-spots added) and biodegradable soap; or Optima industrial steamer
  • Shine & protect trim with ceramic-infused protectant
  • Clean rim faces & shine/protect tires
  • Protect & enhance gloss of paint w/6-8 month ceramic (upgrade to 1yr for $100)
  • Clean all exterior glass & mirrors
  • Save 10% when combined with Interior Service

Wash, Decontaminate, & Seal
$200 – $275

Car/Sm SUV $200-$250;
Truck/Lg SUV $225-$275

(3-4 HOURS

This service is for vehicles where the paint feels rough or “gritty”, a sign of contaminants

Same service as Wash & Seal with addition of:

  • Iron decontamination removing iron deposits (sometimes little brown specks)
  • Clay-barring of paint ensuring smooth surface
  • Save 10% when combined with Interior Service
***Excessive removal of tar, water-spots, sap, paint overspray, etc. are extra***

Paint Polish & Correction

(Wash & Decontaminate service will be done prior to polish or correction, included in prices below)
(Expect 5-10 hours for Polish & Correction services due to varying vehicle size & defect removal)

Polish & Protect $450 – $650

  • All-in-one (AIO) polish removing minor defects & adding protection
  • Wax added on top of the AIO polish for further protection
  • Total protection up to 6 months with the multi-wax blend (montan/carnauba)

Enhancement $500 – $700

  • Minor defects are removed
  • More aggressive polish/pad combo is used than Paint & Polish service
  • Ceramic added (upgrade to 1 year ceramic for $50, saving $50)
  • *Most popular option*

Paint Correction $800 – $1100

  • Most defects are removed
  • Major defects are spot corrected
  • More thorough than Paint Enhancement
  • 1 year ceramic is added ($100 value)

Paint Correction Plus $1450 – $1850

  • Major defects are removed
  • Vehicle is completely gone over three times (aggressive, less-aggressive, glossed)
  • 1 year ceramic is added ($100 value)
  • Allow 2 days

Ceramic Coatings

Prices are for Coating of Paint, Wheel Faces, Glass ;
Includes Wash, Decontamination, Gloss Enhancement (paint defect removal extra)

3 Year Warranty

$725 (Cars, Sm SUV) / $1025 (Trucks, Lg SUV)

6 Year Warranty*

$1025 (Cars, Sm SUV) / $1325 (Trucks, Lg SUV)

  • *Coating must be installed by Accredited Installer and annual inspection requirements are met. Registered within 30 days.

8 Year Warranty (Lifetime*)

$1225 (Cars, Sm SUV) / $1525 (Trucks, Lg SUV)

  • *Lifetime applies to new vehicles only
  • *Coating must be installed by Accredited Installer and annual inspection requirements are met. Registered within 30 days.

10 Year Warranty (Lifetime*^)

$1425 (Cars, Sm SUV) / $1725 (Trucks, Lg SUV)

  • The only coating that can be applied in direct sun
  • *Lifetime applies to new vehicles only
  • *Coating must be installed by Accredited Installer and annual inspection requirements are met. Registered within 30 days.
  • ^5-Year warranty on boats, 3-Year warranty on Powersports, RV’s (contact for pricing). Registered within 30 days.

5 Year Protective Coating (Non-Ceramic)

$825 (Cars, Sm SUV) / $1125 (Trucks, Lg SUV)

  • Coating can be applied in direct sun
  • Utilizes a 3-ingredient blend offering hydrophobic & protective properties for your paint much like a ceramic coating
  • Includes paint and wheel faces (not glass)

Benefits of a Ceramic Coating

  • Enhances gloss, chemical resistant, and harder than the original clear coat
  • Protects against minor scratches, light swirl marks, acid rain, bird droppings, and harmful UV rays
  • Overall ease of maintenance. No need to wax (isn’t recommended). Simply wash with any soap not containing waxes or conditioners and apply your favorite booster/enhancer (ask us for recommendations or best deals)
  • Registered Carfax and Warranty with System X Ceramic Coatings

Redman’s Elite Detailing will include the following with your Ceramic/Protective Coating ($50 value)

  • 16oz ceramic coating booster
  • Dreadnought XL drying towel (one towel will be all you need)
  • (2) Microfiber detailing towels
**Annual inspections ($125) by Redman's Elite Detailing are an inspection of the coating, a wash, decontamination, System X Renew Ceramic Spray, with cleaning of windows and tires

Add-On Services

Headlight Restoration $150/pair

  • Faded/yellowing headlights are wet-sanded in minimum 3 stages
  • Polished to a clear appearance
  • Ceramic coated for longest life possible, minimum 2 years & usually life of headlight

Ceramic Coated Window Treatment $250

  • Glass (front, rear, sides) & mirrors are prepped & coated ensuring clarity
  • Creates great hydrophobic properties, increases visibility, easily de-ice in the winter or remove bugs
  • Lasts up to 2 years

1 Year Ceramic coating $100

  • Added after an Exterior Service
  • SB3 Solo Coating

Engine Cleaning $125

  • Degreased & steam cleaned ensuring no high pressure is used on sensitive components
  • Water-based shine applied where applicable leaving a new appearance

Trim Restoration (Price Varies, See Example)

  • Faded trim is restored & ceramic coated to a natural finish
  • Ceramic coating protects from future micro-scratches and UV fading
  • Lasts 18-24 months under normal conditions & possibly longer
  • Extremely faded trim may need multiple coats costing extra
  • Price example (complete bumper $75)

Interior Coating Protection $150 – $300

  • Only in combination with the Interior Service
  • Stain protection for leather, vinyl, carpet, and fabric
  • Repels UV fading, substances & liquid spills
  • Lasts 2-5 years depending on owner use & environmental factors