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What are your hours of operation? Are you open year-round?

Since we are mobile we are not open year-round due to winter conditions. Also, in colder temperatures products used are not as efficient and we believe in giving the customer the highest quality detail. We typically open beginning of April and shutdown mid-November. We start around 8:30am and can go until dark 7 days a week. We accommodate the customers schedule when in-season.

What is the best way to contact you?

You can fill out the Message Us on the bottom of the Homepage. The more descriptive the better. For quickest response call or text at 717-404-0624. If there is no answer please leave a message. When working we are not always able to answer a text or call. Any contact you will receive a response within 24 hours and most likely much sooner unless there is no service.


You're mobile, what happens if it looks like it's going to rain?

We follow two weather apps and gauge from there following from 10 days out. If it looks 50% or above chance of rain we will contact the customer and give the best assessment.  We do not want to do an exterior especially and have it get rained on right away as we want you to enjoy it for a while. So 36-48 hours out you will be contacted confirming the appointment and the weather and go from there and rescheduling if needed.

Do you require a deposit and how do we pay?

We do not require a deposit no matter the service selected. Payment can be made in cash, check, or any major credit/debit card. Due to taxes there is a 6% service tax added and will be shown and provided on an invoice that can be sent via text or email.

Is there anything that makes you different than other detailers?

(1) We believe in honesty. We offer upgraded services in paint correction and add-ons but if we believe it won’t be beneficial we will let you know.

(2) We use deionized water allowing us to wash in the sun ensuring no water-spots are left by us. If water-spots are left on a vehicle, they need removed by a chemical or they can etch the clearcoat requiring a paint correction costing many times a regular detail.

(3) We adjust our schedule to be accommodating. When in-season, besides weather, we work all days of the week and can usually schedule a service within 2 weeks of an initial contact. 

Ceramic coatings seem expensive, what is the benefit?

Ceramic coatings are not for everyone. They require maintenance, much like any vehicle, to keep that gloss and the hydrophobic properties. The benefits of a ceramic coating are: enhanced gloss, extreme durability, protection from the elements, and ease of maintenance. Think of it as an added clear coat but with more gloss. It will greatly reduce your wash time and give it that showroom shine without having to wax or add sealant as a protectant to your vehicle, and great protection to where added on your vehicle.  You will be provided with all information for aftercare when you receive a coating. If you receive a ceramic coating by us you will simply not be forgotten about as we stand by our work and your investment; and of course you can reach out to us anytime.

Can't I just run my vehicle through a carwash?

Yes and no. A touchless carwash is fine actually. We discourage tunnel washes or any washes where brushes touch your paint. These are often not maintained enough and are dirty which can cause micro-abrasions (scratches, swirls) in your paint which will be seen in light. The only way to get these out is through a paint correction process costing many times the price of the wash. We recommend a touchless wash. Then to get the more in-depth exterior detailing get it professionally detailed. 

Where do you travel to service?

As a mobile auto detailing service, we come to you, at home or work (permission provided). We are based in Greencastle, PA and serve the Tri-State area, including Chambersburg, PA; Hagerstown, MD; Martinsburg, WV; Winchester, VA; Mechanicsburg, PA; and Gettysburg, PA.