Interior Services


$100 - $140

Our Basic Interior service includes:

  • Interior is completely vacuumed

  • Vinyl, leather, and trim are cleaned

  • Windows, mirrors, and gauges are cleaned

  • Door jambs and panels are cleaned

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$150 - $200

Service includes Basic Interior plus:

  • Spot treatment of carpet, upholstery,and headliner, removing stains

  • Steam treatment of seats, floors, armrests, and seatbelt, completely sanitizing them


*Excessively dirty interiors or those with pet hair will be charged extra and known upon inspection of the vehicle

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Exterior Services

Wash, Wax & Seal

$100 - $150

This detailing service is for vehicles in which the paint is in good shape and needs no paint correction. Service includes:

  • Wash of entire exterior and wax applied

  • Hand dried with microfiber towel

  • Dress and protect trim and moldings

  • Dress and protect tires

  • Protect paint up to 3 months with sealant

  • Polish chrome emblems, exhaust tips, and running boards

  • Clean all exterior glass and mirrors

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Polish & Protect

$180 - $240

This service is for vehicles with minor paint imperfections such as minor scratches, swirls, and oxidation. Service includes Wash, Wax & Seal, plus:

  • Nano-clay the surface (removing environmental contaminants)

  • 1-step paint correction (this is when the buffer/polisher is used)

  • Protect paint up to 12 months with sealant

*2-step paint correction - if needed, estimated on location as can be spot treated (this is for excessive scratches, swirls, waterspotting)

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Package Deals (save 10%)


$300 - $400

Ultimate Interior + Polish & Protect


$250 - $340

Basic Interior + Polish & Protect

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$225 - $315

Ultimate Interior + Wash, Wax & Seal



$180 - $260

Basic Interior + Wash, Wax & Seal

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Add-On Services

Engine Cleaning


​There are many benefits to a clean engine, including: it runs cooler, it's easier to service, and it increases the resale value. The engine components are sprayed with cleaning products and then steam cleaned removing grease, dirt, and grime. The components are then dressed with a water-based dressing restoring them to a new appearance. We especially recommend this service if you're looking to sell your vehicle.

Fabric / Leather Protection


Your fabric and/or leather will be protected against daily wear and tear, as well as damaging drink spills, dirt, grime, mold growth, dye transfer and UV damage. We especially recommend this service for new vehicles.



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Headlight Restoration


Oxidized and yellow headlights are restored to a new appearance while making it safe to drive in low visibility conditions. A Ceramic Coating is then applied ensuring you get the longest life possible out of your newly restored headlights. Customers found this service beneficial when it's time for state inspections.

Trim Restoration

By Estimate Only

Outdoor elements are harmful to plastic and vinyl trim often fading them through time. We just don't use a  temporary silicone "cover-up" but use an actual dye that lasts years bringing that trim to a new appearance. An example is a door handle, which estimates at $10.

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